Our story

The story of our places is lost in time, in a fascinating and mysterious past that is linked to the present of an enchanting place, which enchants all those who cross it.

The name derives from the Latin gurgus niger, or black whirlpool.
The terms refer to some spring source that are located very deep in neighboring territories.

It seems that the area of Gorgognolo was already known back in 1337, as the historian Ludovico Pepe documented in his work, “Memorie storico-diplomatiche della chiesa vescovile di Ostuni”.

Our Masseria dates back to 1889. Here, the farmers spent their life in a very authentic way, where the rhythm of nature and seasons marked the lifetime.

The Masseria welcomed the owners and their employees: while the first were addicted to social life, with parties and other occasions of meeting among the high-ranking people of the area, the others took care of the fields, the animals and the structure.

This is why, even today, Masseria Gorgognolo preserves the traces of a past of attention to detail, with elegant and refined households.

The echoes of a slow and precious life still reverberate today within these walls and give the Masseria its refined character, where the dialogue between humanity and nature seals its original beauty.