Double Room


Close your eyes and imagine letting yourself be caressed by the fresh softness of aloe, with a gesture of care, a balm for the soul.
Breathe freely, enjoying every moment.

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Double Suites


In an ancient market of the Orient, among colorful stalls and perfumes, there is a plant with dark star-shaped seeds, which tell of journeys between boundless deserts and deep seas.

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An intense orange reminiscent of the sunsets over the Mediterranean, where the sun lies slowly on the waters and before giving way to the moon, illuminates all the dreams that are preparing for the next night.

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Grand Suite

Our Grand Suites can accommodate up to four guests, thanks to the two large rooms that characterize each both suite.
Each Grand Suite has only one bathroom, located in one of the two rooms of the suite.


The ideal partner in the search for balance and serenity, capable of relieving any wound. Protagonist of millennial healing rituals, it slows down the daily frenzy, like a mystical and peaceful lover.

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Resilient to drought, with its black fruits like the nights of the Mediterranean, where thoughts spread, lulled by its enveloping and seductive scent, it carries with it the promise of new beginnings.

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